POS Technologies

POS Technologies is Utah’s leading provider of restaurant technology solutions.  For over ten years, our certified Aloha staff has developed, installed and support POS systems at hundreds of locations.  From the corner coffee shop to multi-state restaurant operations, we are committed to the success of your establishment.

Restaurant Solutions For You!

POS Technologies provides “Best in Class” hospitality solutions from NCR/Aloha.  These include Aloha Point of Sale software, NCR POS terminals, Aloha Marketing, Orderman Mobile Terminals, NCR Merchant Solutions and Aloha Enterprise.  We also provide Talon Video Surveillance systems that can help ensure your  site is secure from theft and liability.

Why POS Technologies?

Supporting Utah’s independent restaurant operators is our passion!  Our team of certified technicians has a proven track record of success giving your operation the tools needed to reduce costs and maximize profit.


Aloha Point Of Sale as a Service may be the right plan for you!station

Are you planning to open a new restaurant but running short on funds?  Are you a current Aloha user that needs to upgrade your system but don’t have excess cash flow to purchase new gear?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, Aloha POS As A Service (POSaaS) may be the perfect choice for your operation.
POSaaS is a new program that allows restaurant operators to “rent” the POS system by the month.  The system is covered by support and warranty during the entire period ensuring that your POS is always operating at its best.  This flexible program allows you to add or delete equipment as your operation evolves and best of all, there is no fixed term commitment!

 Remotely manage your sites with Aloha Pulse!

Aloha Pulse is your restaurant’s dashboard to success.  Pulse Realtime is new way to interact with the most revolutionary Point-of-sale system in the world—Aloha!  Realtime  gives you instant access to data that allows you to  make quick  and effective choices that will strengthen your bottom line. You can view sales totals, labor dollars, comps, voids, employee performance and much more—right as they are happening.  Pulse also gives you a view of  customer feedback  from Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp allowing you to respond immediately.  Pulse gives you and your team the tools to take on the world and to do it with style!


Look At These New Features!




NCR Customer Voice

Put your loyalty program into overdrive and have your customers be not just your biggest fans but your best sales people!  Customer voice leverages surveying and social networks to help you keep your most loyal, best customers. Your patrons want to be heard and now you can do it with NCR Customer Voice.

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Let your customers pay with their phone with NCR Mobile Pay!

Give your customers the ability to order additional items, give feed back and pay their bill right from the table with Mobile Pay by NCR.  This  product will revolutionize the way your customers interact with their check.  NCR Mobile Pay is the way to get that order for an extra round or  help with throughput of tables to help you increase your sales and profits.  It  empowers you to  react in real-time to customer experiences so you can ensure guest satisfaction.  It also encourages your guest to promote your items or locations right from their social networks.  This product is awesome and it’s available today!

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