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Access Your Site Remotely Using NCR Secure Access–Free with NCR & WorldPay!

hospitality restaurant manage nss tab threat defenderWe are sure that many of you restaurant operators wish you could access your POS system remotely and manage your operations when you aren’t on site.  POS Technologies is offering a special promotion through then end of June that gives you NCR Secure Access, Aloha’s remote access tool for free with WorldPay credit card processing.   This provide you with the flexibility to access your site in a secure and  PCI compliant fashion and ...

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Critical Issue, Beware of Encrytption “Ransomware”

There are some extremely malicious software viruses that are rearing their ugly head in the Utah market.  “Cryptolocker” and “Cryptowall” are 2 examples of viruses that will lock up your entire system.  They demand payment to “unencrypt” your files and it is doubtful that even payment of this ransom will fully restore your thief 2

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Is Your Site Safe From Credit Card “Hacking”?

The recent theft of cardholder data from MILLIONS of customers at Target and Neiman Marcus is raising the awareness of the importance of keeping customer data secure.  Hackers worldwide are doing everything they can to exploit gaps in security and restaurants in particular are seen as ripe targets for attack.  These “breaches” of security can result in big liability for your restaurant with estimates of  $25,000 to $250,000 depending on the amount of data stolen!

hacker 2

Fortunately, NCR Security ...

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