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Is Your Site Safe From Credit Card “Hacking”?

The recent theft of cardholder data from MILLIONS of customers at Target and Neiman Marcus is raising the awareness of the importance of keeping customer data secure.  Hackers worldwide are doing everything they can to exploit gaps in security and restaurants in particular are seen as ripe targets for attack.  These “breaches” of security can result in big liability for your restaurant with estimates of  $25,000 to $250,000 depending on the amount of data stolen!

hacker 2

Fortunately, NCR Security Service (NSS) is available to lock down your site with a “multi layered defense”.  This includes a managed commerical-grade firewall, a secure remote access application and a monitoring and network defense service that is actively watching your site at all times.  This is supported by  a $100,000 breach assistance policy that demonstrates NCR’s commitment to keeping your site secure.

NSS is installed at dozens of sites in Utah and is a proven way to protect your site  from attack.  Contactus@postechnologies.net or call 801.487.6558 for more information on a service that will help you sleep at night knowing your restaurant and customer data is safe and secure.

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