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Aloha Sandy Station


We are excited to add Sandy Station to the Aloha family!  Sandy Station is a really cool nightclub that is right off I-15 in Sandy, Utah.  It is a HUGE venue with tons of indoor and outdoor seating along with an incredible sound system and dance floor.  It’s a great place to spend an evening and one of the most happening places in the South part of the valley.

Sandy Station replaced an POS LAVU iPad system that was less than a year old.  They found that the old system couldn’t keep up with the order volume and was frequently crashing and losing orders.  The selected Aloha through the “POS as a Service” (POSaaS) program because it had a lower startup cost and more flexibility than a traditional purchase.  This allowed them to get a new 7 terminal Aloha system that could support their site.

They now have a stable and secure system that is able to support even the busiest night so if you find yourself in the area, pull up a chair, check out a game and get  a look at a very cool operation.IMG_1119

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