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TableUp, your Guest Management and Online Ordering solution

It is impossible to ignore the impact that mobile phones have on our lives in general and restaurant operations in particular.  Where in the past people would call ahead to reserve a spot or place an order, this can now be done much easier using the tool in your pocket, your smart phone.  TableUp is a new solution that integrates completely into your Aloha POS system.  This provides a single platform for you to manage your customers and gives them new ways to interact with your establishment.

TableUp provides you with a complete solution that changes the way that you engage with your guests. It is customized to meet the particular needs of your operations and includes capabilities such as;

  • Waitlist management with text updates on wait status providing an effective way to easily handle peak guest volumes
  • Table reservations directly through your website allowing you to avoid or minimize 3rd party reservation charges
  • Guest rewards program that identifies guest preferences and increases return visits and order totals without the need for a physical “card”
  • Online ordering directly from phone or PC driving increased revenue and reducing order entry errors
  • Customer feedback sent directly to you allowing you to immediately address praise/complaints

While these capabilities had been available before with Aloha by using multiple applications, TableUp provides a single platform to manage all of your interactions with your guests.  We look forward to the opportunity to setup a web demonstration so contactus@postechnologies.net to see how TableUp can enhance your restaurant operations.

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