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Aloha Trolley Wing Co!

IMG_2014Sending a big “Aloha” out to Trolley Wing Co (TWC) to welcome them to the Utah Aloha POS family.  “The Wing” is now in Sugarhouse after a dozen years in Trolley Square, originally being housed in one of the antique trolleys that used to travel the streets of Salt Lake.

TWC has been open in their new location for several ...

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Aloha Hub & Spoke Diner

hub interiorSalt Lake’s 9th & 9th area has another great addition, Hub & Spoke Diner.  Hub & Spoke is the latest creation from Scott Evans, the proprietor of Pago, Finca and East Liberty Taphouse and elevates the whole “diner” experience to a new level.

Like all of his sites, Hub & Spoke  focuses on fresh local ingredients and features a menu that covers Breakfast, Lunch and ...

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Aloha Bakerei Forscher!

IMG_1442 forscherWe welcome Bakerei Forscher in Orderville, Utah to the Aloha family.  Forscher’s is a German bakery in the heart of Southern Utah and serves a variety of authentic breads and pastries along with sandwiches and pizza.  It is certainly a unique establishment ...

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Million-dollar loyalty

mcloones logoManaging a successful loyalty program is a business unto itself. Just ask Tim McMahon, president of McLoone’s, an American casual dining concept with 10 restaurants throughout New Jersey and Maryland.

McLoone’s was looking to implement a loyalty program, and rather than jumping into anything, McMahon took his time to research the right solution – one that would provide a real incentive for members to join. “We didn’t ...

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Creating a Secure, Engaging Guest Experience in Your Restaurant

iStock_000018611995MediumWe live in a world of constant connectivity and today’s consumers expect immediate access to information around them.  One way restaurants have begun addressing this need is by offering free guest Wi-Fi, a perk that lets their patrons browse the internet, work and connect with friends, all while enjoying their time at the restaurant.

In extending Wi-Fi to guests, however, operators should take care that they are not compromising ...

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5 Things You Should Know When it Comes to Data Security

iStock_000010533018XSmall“Security breach” is the last phrase any hospitality business owner wants to hear, yet breaches continue to make headlines.  Where owners are taking steps to keep their customers’ data secure, chances are they are not fully covering themselves and are unknowingly exposing themselves to risks and cyber criminals if they are not working with a security professional.

Staying secure requires a broad and constant review of ...

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NCR University-everything you wanted to know about “Aloha” but were afraid to ask!

ncru logoAll of you that are current Aloha POS users understand that it is an incredibly powerful and capable system.  You had some training when the system was installed but with constant upgrades to capabilities, your knowledge may have become a little bit “rusty”. The good news is that the Aloha learning library is available at no charge to all customers with ...

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Hacking POS Terminal for Fun…and Criminal Profit

P1230 integration tray TSRThis week an employee at Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), Matt Oh, published a post on the HP Security Research Blog titled “Hacking POS Terminal for Fun and Non-profit” which reviewed the security of a used Aloha Point of Sale (POS) terminal purchased from eBay®.  The dates noted, the functions highlighted, and applications referenced tell me that this is a very old system that NCR ...

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Smokey John’s: a restaurant technology story

SilverPro-withPrinterSmokey John’s Bar-B-Que and Home Cooking has been serving up great food and great service to its Dallas patrons for nearly 40 years.  While business is thriving, the restaurant itself was due for some updates.

Technology was a big consideration, as up to this point, everything had to be tracked manually.  The restaurant used an electronic cash register that spit out paper receipts, all of which had to ...

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Purchasing the point of sale: Common mistakes new restaurants make and how to avoid them

rsg_logoNew restaurants often open at their own peril. With close to 60% of restaurants failing in the first year, every penny counts when prioritizing startup costs. Restaurant Startup & Growth Editor Barry Shuster warns that POS technology and credit card processing are high-priority items in restaurant planning, and deprioritizing these systems decreases the operation’s odds of success.

Shuster offers the following advice to those in the planning phases:

  1. Involve your ...
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