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SLC Hits the Big Time! Chosen as a new “Foodie City”.

wine enthusiastPretty cool to see that the latest issue of Wine Enthusiast Magazine has chosen Salt Lake City as one of Americas new “Foodie Cities”.  In their words these secret “Under the Radar Restaurants wont stay there for long”!

We are exited to see that all 3 locations that they mentioned, Forage, Copper Onion and Pago are all Aloha users!  ...

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Top 5 Data and Network Threats for Restaurants… And What To Do About Them


Today, we’re finishing our series on Security with a throwback Thursday (#tbt) post where we discussed the  “Top 5 Data and Network Threats for Restaurants… And What To Do About Them.” Be sure to also read our Security posts on how to  Segment Your Network to Protect Data and Avoid Inconvenience and  Checking your Locks: 5 Myths About Safeguarding your Data.


The Internet can be a scary ...

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How do you know when an employee is stealing?

For Throwback Thursday (#tbt) we’re re-posting this blog from this Summer where we discussed “How do you know when an employee is stealing?”  Since the original blog below, we’ve seen significant market interest in the topic – including a recent NPR interview with Professor Lamar Pierce on NPR’s show “All Things Considered”. Peirce, one of the authors of the research, and Host Arun Rath discuss how employee monitoring can increase a restaurant’s bottom ...

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Minimizing the Yelp: Stopping a Potentially Harmful Restaurant Review

Loyalty marketing software avoids bad Yelp reviews.At the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York, I attended a session on social media. I was particularly drawn to this session because it featured Yelp.

I had to hear from the source on how they view themselves within the restaurant industry, especially because we have a solution, NCR Customer Voice, which allows restaurants to sidestep a bad review by facilitating ...

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