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Important Data Security Alert – Backoff, Point of Sale Crimeware

187972611-smBeware of Backoff POS Crimeware. On July 31, 2014 the United States Department of Homeland Security, published an advisory about new crimeware targeting businesses that accept, process, or transmit credit card data.  This new crimeware, called Backoff, is a tool used by criminal hackers to take advantage of insecure remote access software, deficient networks, and weak user credentials, with the intent to gain access ...

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Creating a Secure, Engaging Guest Experience in Your Restaurant

iStock_000018611995MediumWe live in a world of constant connectivity and today’s consumers expect immediate access to information around them.  One way restaurants have begun addressing this need is by offering free guest Wi-Fi, a perk that lets their patrons browse the internet, work and connect with friends, all while enjoying their time at the restaurant.

In extending Wi-Fi to guests, however, operators should take care that they are not compromising ...

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5 Things You Should Know When it Comes to Data Security

iStock_000010533018XSmall“Security breach” is the last phrase any hospitality business owner wants to hear, yet breaches continue to make headlines.  Where owners are taking steps to keep their customers’ data secure, chances are they are not fully covering themselves and are unknowingly exposing themselves to risks and cyber criminals if they are not working with a security professional.

Staying secure requires a broad and constant review of ...

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Hacking POS Terminal for Fun…and Criminal Profit

P1230 integration tray TSRThis week an employee at Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), Matt Oh, published a post on the HP Security Research Blog titled “Hacking POS Terminal for Fun and Non-profit” which reviewed the security of a used Aloha Point of Sale (POS) terminal purchased from eBay®.  The dates noted, the functions highlighted, and applications referenced tell me that this is a very old system that NCR ...

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5 Tips for those thinking of opening a Restaurant

iStock_000016277947MediumBoth a doctor and a lawyer by trade, Win Froelich doesn’t think he’ll ever retire. Win got into restaurants because he and his wife were looking to start the next professional chapter of their lives together. “We were looking for an investment,” recalls Win, “and explored multiple options that would allow us to work together.” Win and his wife found what they were looking for ...

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NCR is making everyday easier

quick-service-customersToday is the last post in a series on Loyalty. Over the last few blog posts we have been discussing building a loyalty program for QSRs. It began with the challenges of offering loyalty, we then took a look at consumer payment options and last week looked at disruptions in consumer behavior and expectations . Today we’ll discuss how NCR is making everyday easier:

At NCR, ...

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6 Takeaways from NCR’s Panel on Restaurant Technology

IRFSNY logoIt’s not every day you get four brands in a room discussing your business. At the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show in New York this past Tuesday, we did. We hosted a panel on 6 Technologies Successful Restaurateurs Can’t Live without. Panelists  included:

Dean Jankelowitz, Jack’s Wife Freda; Michael Chernow, The Meatball Shop; Bobbie Lloyd, Magnolia Bakery; Giancarlo Fiorarancio, Shake Shack

And posed the questions:  What ...

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Top 5 Data and Network Threats for Restaurants… And What To Do About Them


Today, we’re finishing our series on Security with a throwback Thursday (#tbt) post where we discussed the  “Top 5 Data and Network Threats for Restaurants… And What To Do About Them.” Be sure to also read our Security posts on how to  Segment Your Network to Protect Data and Avoid Inconvenience and  Checking your Locks: 5 Myths About Safeguarding your Data.


The Internet can be ...

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Checking your Locks: 5 Myths About Safeguarding your Data

For Throwback Thursday (#tbt) we’re continuing our theme of Security and re-posting this blog where we discussed how to safeguard your data. Click here to read last week’s post on segmenting your network to protect your data.

If you are the one closing your restaurant for the night, a part of your routine is to physically lock up the property. That may involve arming a security system and, ...

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Segment Your Network to Protect Data and Avoid Inconvenience

iStock_000010533018XSmallWhether online or in the “physical” world, the strength of security measures should depend on the importance of the items they safeguard. We can use this principle when establishing network security in your store or restaurant to protect data and address PCI DSS requirements.

You probably store cash in a safe to protect it from theft, while you might not worry about leaving toothpicks or menu handouts on the ...

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