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How do you know when an employee is stealing?

For Throwback Thursday (#tbt) we’re re-posting this blog from this Summer where we discussed “How do you know when an employee is stealing?”  Since the original blog below, we’ve seen significant market interest in the topic – including a recent NPR interview with Professor Lamar Pierce on NPR’s show “All Things Considered”. Peirce, one of the authors of the research, and Host Arun Rath discuss how employee monitoring can increase a restaurant’s bottom ...

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Four Questions to Ask When Researching a New POS System

TerminalSo you are looking for a new POS system. In today’s complex restaurant environment, innovation and technology are moving at a rapid pace, and determining how to grow in this ever-changing and competitive dynamic can be a daunting task. To adapt to rapid innovations and changing customer expectations, you need a complete restaurant technology solution that meets your needs, both today and tomorrow.

We’ve posed four questions below to help you ...

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Your Cash Register is Robbing You

moneyforkToday we’ll explore three ways your cash register is taking money out of your pocket.

There are tangible costs—both in terms of the bottom line and missed opportunity to continue running your restaurant without leveraging new technology, particularly as your customers’ expectations regarding quality of service continue to grow.

Here are some real-life examples of how you’re selling yourself short with your cash register, and how you can use a POS system ...

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The Mobile/Social Restaurant Consumer

The sheer volume of new online devices and digital consumer channels is pushing restaurants to rethink how they connect with and engage their customers. For restaurants to succeed in the digital world and build strong relationships with their customers vs. less strategic point in time transactions, they’ll need to have a good understanding of the Mobile/Social Consumer.

With smartphone use on the rise restaurant patrons are using their phones more and more to search for locations, reviews, menus and more.  

Smartphone ...

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Driving Growth from Loyalty for QSRs

quick-service-customers In a four part series, we’re going to discuss the value of loyalty to drive growth within Quick Service Restaurants. In the first part we’ll look at the challenges of offering loyalty.

PART 1: The Value of Loyalty to Drive Growth within Quick Service Restaurants

Loyal customers are an incredibly valuable part to any business, but they are particularly valuable to quick service restaurants. However, as the market for loyalty solutions continues ...

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Minimizing the Yelp: Stopping a Potentially Harmful Restaurant Review

Loyalty marketing software avoids bad Yelp reviews.At the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York, I attended a session on social media. I was particularly drawn to this session because it featured Yelp.

I had to hear from the source on how they view themselves within the restaurant industry, especially because we have a solution, NCR Customer Voice, which allows restaurants to sidestep a bad review by facilitating ...

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