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$200 Cash in Your Pocket! NCR Merchant Solutions Processing

00364-NCRMS_texttreatment2We all know that credit card processing charges are a serious cost that has a big impact on your profit margins.  Most contracts have “fine print” costs that make your fees far higher than what you expect—or that you were quoted when you first signed up for the processing service! Fortunately, NCR Merchant Solutions is able to  see through the “smoke and ...

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Segment Your Network to Protect Data and Avoid Inconvenience

iStock_000010533018XSmallWhether online or in the “physical” world, the strength of security measures should depend on the importance of the items they safeguard. We can use this principle when establishing network security in your store or restaurant to protect data and address PCI DSS requirements.

You probably store cash in a safe to protect it from theft, while you might not worry about leaving toothpicks or menu handouts on the ...

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