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Need Paper Fast? Click on the Link for Next Day Delivery.

paper pix

Printer paper is one of those things that is easy to forget.  That is until you run out in the middle of your busy shift and all of a sudden, it becomes the most important thing to your business!  Luckily, POS Technologies provides a simple way to order your printer paper and ink supplies so you don’t ever have to run into ...

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$200 Cash in Your Pocket! NCR Merchant Solutions Processing

00364-NCRMS_texttreatment2We all know that credit card processing charges are a serious cost that has a big impact on your profit margins.  Most contracts have “fine print” costs that make your fees far higher than what you expect—or that you were quoted when you first signed up for the processing service! Fortunately, NCR Merchant ...

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Aloha Whiskey Street! Using SOL to Get Drinks Quickly to Guests

Whiskey Front

Downtown Salt Lake has a new nightclub and it is making itself know as the place to be!  Now in its 4th month of operation, Whiskey Street is the latest creation from managing partner, Jason Lacates  who was the force behind Bourbon House and manager at Green Street.

Whiskey Street’s interior emphasizes the historical background of this area of Main Street with a long, dark wood bar with beer and wine ...

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Congratulations 2014 Dining Award Winners!

2014 awards

Salt Lake Magazine announced their 2014 Dining Award winners last night and we are excited to see many POS Technologies customers on the list.  Our company is committed to Utah’s independent restauranteurs and it’s clear that the best hospitality operations choose the best POS system, ...

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Aloha Zion Canyon Brew Pub!

photo (2)

We want to extend a big “Aloha” to the latest POS Technologies customer, Zion Canyon Brew Pub in Springdale, Utah.  This restaurant is located at the entrance to Zion’s National Park and is certain to be a big attraction for anyone that has spent a day (or two) exploring the wonders of this incredible area.

They will be celebrating their 1st anniversary in April and reached out to our team to provide a functional and  reliable ...

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Is Your Site Safe From Credit Card “Hacking”?

The recent theft of cardholder data from MILLIONS of customers at Target and Neiman Marcus is raising the awareness of the importance of keeping customer data secure.  Hackers worldwide are doing everything they can to exploit gaps in security and restaurants in particular are seen as ripe targets for attack.  These “breaches” of security can result in big liability for your restaurant with estimates of  $25,000 to $250,000 depending on the amount of data stolen!

hacker 2

Fortunately, NCR Security ...

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SOL Mobile Terminals Live at Deer Valley

Deer Valley is recognized as a customer service leader in the hospitality industry and sets the benchmark for ski resorts worldwide.  They are always looking for technologies to help them better serve their guests and recently selected the Orderman SOL handheld terminals for installation in the EBS Lounge.

The SOL allows servers to spend more time interacting with customers and ...

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New Way to Get Aloha with “Pay-Per-Swipe”

swipe photoHate writing that check at the end of each month for various items at your restaurant?  Well Aloha has a new way to get their system that automatically deducts the monthly “rental” charge from your daily credit card receipts!  This eliminates the need to manually write a check and spreads the cost out over the entire period.  Your payment adjusts ...

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Online Ordering Available Now With Aloha Online

online order1Aloha Online Ordering is now available to POS Technologies customers.  Aloha Online is an excellent way to extend the reach of your operation to anyone with a connection to the internet.  That means anyone with a smartphone, tablet or PC is now a potential customer for your ...

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Aloha Bistro 222

We send out a big “aloha” to Bistro 222 which recently opened up in the 222 Main Building in downtown Salt Lake.  This new “casual upscale” restaurant is in downtown’s hottest new location and is located close to all of the attractions.  It’s a great looking site with floor-to-ceiling windows and eye-catching artwork so make it a stop next time you are headed to the heart of Salt Lake.

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