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What Happens if your Server Dies? Is your Data Backed Up?

Imagine coming into your office early one morning—to find that your site has been robbed and your Aloha server is gone.  Your terminals are able to take over temporarily but the majority of your data is gone for good.  Payroll, sales and other critical information is  missing putting your business in a very tough spot.  What can you do to prevent this?–Use Aloha Restore!  Aloha Restore backs up your data on a daily basis and it is stored in a secure datacenter.  If your server is lost, all your data is still available minimizing any impact on your operations.  This is an “industrial” grade backup for your critical information and is available for $200 a year.  We encourage all of our customer to take advantage of this service that provides “peace of mind” for every restaurant operator.  Contactus@postechnologies.net for more information!

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