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New Academic Study Proves that Aloha Restaurant Guard Stops Theft!

We here at POS Technologies have seen directly how Aloha Restaurant Guard can stop theft and change behavior at restaurants and bars.  Some of our customers have identified THOUSANDS of dollars being stolen each month and made changes to stop this and move this revenue to their bottom line!

A recent study by researchers from MIT, BYU and Washington U found that sites that use Restaurant Guard increased revenue by an average of $2,982 per week, or 7%!  This study looked at casual dining sites across the country and found that just by installing Restaurant Guard, theft dropped and best of all, behavior changed to focus on POSITIVE activities like up-selling for additional items.  More detail of this New York Times article is at: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/08/26/how-surveillance-changes-behavior-a-restaurant-workers-case-study/?ref=business&_r=1&

Restaurant Guard is a powerful tool that provides immediate results for your operation.  Best of all, we can provide a one-time NO CHARGE “Reveal” of your operation that highlights any existing theft or fraud that is taking place at your site.  If you are interested just contactus@postechnologies.net or call our office at 801.487.6558. 7905619-the-robber-in-a-mask-and-with-money

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