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Orderman SOL Live at Donkey Tails Cantina

IMG_0681Donkey Tails Cantina in Draper just opened up their expanded bar and patio and it looks incredible.  A waterfall and fire-pit make this a very comfortable place to relax and best of all, they get your order up quickly with the new Orderman SOL handhelds!

Owner Alan Summerhays and Manager Brad Rasmussen have changed the service model to have 3 servers on the floor taking orders with a “runner” bringing out drinks.  This has drastically reduced the time it takes to deliver orders to guests and in Brad’s words, they “have seen a HUGE increase in orders”.

Come out for a look at the great expansion at Donkey Tails and see how they have not only totally changed the way they look, but their entire way they serve their guests!Alan and Brad with SOL

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