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NCR is making everyday easier

quick-service-customersToday is the last post in a series on Loyalty. Over the last few blog posts we have been discussing building a loyalty program for QSRs. It began with the challenges of offering loyalty, we then took a look at consumer payment options and last week looked at disruptions in consumer behavior and expectations . Today we’ll discuss how NCR is making everyday easier:

At NCR, we believe the consumer experience is optimal, while also providing a seamless point of integration for the operator. We also recognize that operators need clarity regarding issues of mobility and how it is successfully utilized within operations.

As the industry’s leading restaurant technology provider, NCR is in a unique position to help restaurants increase customer engagement by offering compelling, integrated loyalty programs and efficient mobile payment capabilities.  We recognize the complexity that is prevalent in the mobile payment and loyalty space today, and determine the best solution that addresses operational technology requirements while meeting the needs of customers. This is achieved utilizing a multi-layered approach:

Mobile Payment: NCR Mobile Pay transforms the guest experience, allowing guests to pay on demand via their mobile device.  NCR Mobile Pay also gives guests the choice to use their existing PayPal account to complete the payment, in addition to a credit or debit card.

Online or Mobile Ordering: NCR Online/Mobile Ordering makes it easy for customers to access and order from the restaurant. Anything from graphic design, images and menu ordering content to specific store settings and features can be customized to best represent and communicate the restaurant’s brand to its customers.

Loyalty Programs: NCR Aloha Loyalty allows restaurants to stimulate repeat business by developing customizable, innovative programs for individuals or across multiple sites. NCR Aloha Loyalty can be integrated with NCR Mobile Pay to make sure your guests are recognized and rewarded when dining at your restaurant.

All of the above functions can be integrated into a single application that is branded for a restaurant, therefore increasing guest affiliation with the brand. Additionally, mobile ordering capabilities can be included within the application to offer customers greater capabilities for interaction. The cloud ultimately enables speed, accuracy and visibility.

NCR recently announced the development of the first-of-its-kind cloud-based platform, called NCR Cloud Connect, which enables a seamless user experience across the above functions. Moreover, as NCR brings Cloud Connect to market, the same seamless user experience can be extended when 3rd party applications may provide one or more of the above functions.


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