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SOL Mobile Terminals Live at Deer Valley

Deer Valley is recognized as a customer service leader in the hospitality industry and sets the benchmark for ski resorts worldwide.  They are always looking for technologies to help them better serve their guests and recently selected the Orderman SOL handheld terminals for installation in the EBS Lounge.

The SOL allows servers to spend more time interacting with customers and ensures that “Apres Ski” orders for drinks and appetizers are quickly delivered to thirsty guests.  That means the customer spends less time waiting and more time enjoying some fine food and beverage!

Using SOL puts the power of Aloha in the palm of your hand.  The intuitive touch-screen, color interface is easy to use and the integrated card reader means a guest’s credit card never leaves their sight.

In the words of one EBS server, using SOL “is fun” and they are “very pleased” with the performance of the SOL handhelds.  The EBS Lounge is a great place to wrap up a day on the hill so if you ever find yourself at Deer Valley, stop in and see SOL in action.

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