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Critical Issue, Beware of Encrytption “Ransomware”

There are some extremely malicious software viruses that are rearing their ugly head in the Utah market.  “Cryptolocker” and “Cryptowall” are 2 examples of viruses that will lock up your entire system.  They demand payment to “unencrypt” your files and it is doubtful that even payment of this ransom will fully restore your system.data thief 2

It is critical that you protect your system with a robust firewall that prevents access to your system.  NCR offers a managed firewall service that prevents these kinds of intrusions and even backs it up with a $100,000 breach assistance guarantee.

We highly recommend the NCR Network Security Solutions service  but encourage everyone to have at least some kind of firewall in place to avoid total violation of your system.  More information can be found at http://www.ncr.com/products/restaurant/pos-software/it-security or call our office at 801.487.6558 to explore options in securing your operations.

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