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Million-dollar loyalty

mcloones logoManaging a successful loyalty program is a business unto itself. Just ask Tim McMahon, president of McLoone’s, an American casual dining concept with 10 restaurants throughout New Jersey and Maryland. McLoone’s was looking to implement a loyalty program, and rather than jumping into anything, McMahon took his time to research the right solution – one that would provide a real incentive for members to join. “We didn’t want to just manage a database that had no value, like many restaurants that just give loyalty cards to anyone.” McLoone’s launched its Premier Club after selecting the NCR Aloha point-of-sale solution, including the loyalty and gift card marketing applications. The integrated system facilitates all of the perks that differentiate McLoone’s loyalty program, including half-priced bottles of wine, dining point rewards, complimentary dessert and champagne and invitations to special events. The NCR technology is also helping the restaurant to manage a dozen different local programs, such as co-branded residency cards for patrons living in large neighborhoods where restaurants are located. Other local businesses use McLoone’s loyalty club cards as incentives for trying a new service.  And, McLoone’s is using loyalty cards as a way to give back to the community – a valuable tool for the restaurant group, as charitable giving is a large company priority. The program has added 1,000 members on average each year. “Using NCR Aloha Loyalty, our net revenue of purchases from Premier Club members has increased 8.8 percent annually for the past three years, and we are on track to have more than $1 million in revenue from loyalty club purchases this year.” We have driven over $5,000,000 in sales through our many loyalty cards. We have over a dozen varieties right now and we’re always thinking, “what’s next?” Learn more about NCR customer engagement solutions. How are you using loyalty programs to drive business? What ROI have you see from implementing smart tools and programs?   The post Million-dollar loyalty appeared first on NCR Hospitality Blog.