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Aloha Pig Pen Saloon!

Pig Pen Saloon

We are sending a big “Aloha” out to Pig Pen Saloon at Park City Mountain Resort.  They just installed a new 4 terminal Aloha system at their restaurant in the resort base right across from the “First Time” lift.  This is a great location with a big patio right next to a ski run and is the ideal place to catch lunch or an “après-ski” beverage.

They are a long-time PCMR operation and their Restaurant Pro Express POS system couldn’t handle their volume during peak periods.  They decided they needed Aloha to support their large order volume since Aloha allows them to deliver food and drink more quickly and get their customers back out on the mountain.

This is a great addition to our Park City Aloha “family” and we look forward to a busy and snow filled season!

pig pen


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