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The New Orderman 7 is Here! All the Power of an Aloha Terminal in the Palm of Your Hand.

oman 7-3POS Technologies is excited to be part of the release of the new Orderman 7 handheld terminals, the latest from the world leader in wireless terminal technologies.  The Orderman 7 is the “7th Generation” of the Orderman handheld and provides a way to vastly increase the velocity of orders at your restaurant. The Orderman 7 is purpose-built for high-volume restaurants and unlike “consumer grade” devices like iPads, is water and drop resistant.  The Orderman 7 includes a 5 inch HD touch screen display where servers can input orders using either their fingers or a stylus.  With an 18 hour battery life, the terminal can be used without charging for not just a shift, but for an entire day!  An integrated, secure credit card reader and Bluetooth linked mobile printer allows the entire order and payment transaction to take place tableside.  This not only increases security, it speeds up the process of closing the tab and seating the next guest!

oman 7 2Orderman is used in many sites in Utah including Vinto, Deer Valley, Guadalahonky’s, Rustler Lodge, Bourbon House and Whiskey Street.  Orderman 7 can completely change the way that you serve your guests and drive a big increase in revenue so contact us today for a demonstration.

Orderman 7 is Tough!  Don’t try this with an iPad!

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