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Free Trial of Pulse Real-Time—-Instant, Actionable Data on your Phone


Aloha PulseDo you want the ability to make decisions in real-time that impact your bottom line? That’s exactly what Pulse Real-Time delivers.

Pulse Real-Time is an iPhone & Android app that gives you total visibility into:

-Sales data

-Employee performance



And more!

What could this mean for your operation? An instant view into sales and employee performance and the ability to cut costs on the fly.

POS Technologies is working with the Aloha Enterprise team in making a free trial of this solution available to our customers.  Justin from Aloha Enterprise is reaching out directly to our customers to arrange for demonstrations Aloha Pulse so if you are interested in seeing how Pulse can benefit your organization please contactus@postechnologies.net to arrange for a demonstration and free trial.

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