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Aloha and EMV Webinar This Week

EMV seminar



We are certain that you have heard about the upcoming changes with “chip” enabled credit cards and “EMV” requirements. EMV is a hot topic among restaurant operators today and for good reason. There is a lot of confusion and anxiety when it comes to understanding what exactly EMV is, what it means to businesses and how it impacts a restaurant’s operations.

Join NCR and Worldpay on September 17 from 12:00pm – 1:00pm MDT for a webinar entitled EMV and Restaurants: What You Need to Know.  We’ll talk through how you can prepare for EMV by reviewing:
• What EMV is and what happens on October 1
• Things to consider as you evaluate EMV for your restaurant
• The ways EMV can impact your traditional operational flows
• How EMV fits into an overall payments and security strategy

It’s a new day in payments and the way we think about payments technology is changing. Click on the link below to learn more about how these changes will affect the operations of your restaurant.

NCR EMV Seminar

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