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Aloha Trolley Wing Co!

IMG_2014Sending a big “Aloha” out to Trolley Wing Co (TWC) to welcome them to the Utah Aloha POS family.  “The Wing” is now in Sugarhouse after a dozen years in Trolley Square, originally being housed in one of the antique trolleys that used to travel the streets of Salt Lake.

TWC has been open in their new location for several years and had been using a Harbortouch POS system.  Poor system performance and a lack of local support caused them to look elsewhere and they soon found out that their “free POS” was anything but! After reviewing their card statements we found that their savings in card processing paid for an entirely new POS system–in less than a year!  Once they discovered this they pulled the plug on Harbortouch as soon as they could.

TWC has now leased a 2 terminal Aloha POS system and will be exploring mobile terminals to cover their patio once the snow melts.  Our local team is excited to support this site so next time you are craving some killer wings and a beer, stop by TWC for the best wings in town!



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