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Access Your Site Remotely Using NCR Secure Access–Free with NCR & WorldPay!

hospitality restaurant manage nss tab threat defenderWe are sure that many of you restaurant operators wish you could access your POS system remotely and manage your operations when you aren’t on site.  POS Technologies is offering a special promotion through then end of June that gives you NCR Secure Access, Aloha’s remote access tool for free with WorldPay credit card processing.   This provide you with the flexibility to access your site in a secure and  PCI compliant fashion and manage your operations from any web browser, anytime, anywhere you want!

Run Reports

When logged in, a Secure Access user has the ability to run Aloha Manager reports  from anywhere and print the reports to a local printer.

Remote Control to Back of House

Using a secure VNC connection, Secure Access allows users to establish a remote connection with the back of house (BOH) server. A remote user is able to access a site and navigate on the BOH as if they are actually at the site.

File Transfer to Back of House

Use the Secure Access File Transfer functionality to transport files between a local computer and a remote computer in a seamless, “behind the scenes” manner.

Security and Operations Alerts

Secure Access gives you “proactive” alerts that make you aware of potential security problems such as installation of “unauthorized” remote access programs or out of date anti-virus.  It also gives you operational alerts that allow you to immediate address issues like unsettled credit card batches or low disk space.

NCR Secure Access provides you with the tools you need to securely manage your site as if you were there–from anywhere in the world so contactus@postechnologies.net or call us at 801.487.6558 for more information on this limited time offer.

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