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Why NCR Hardware?

NCR has the best maintenance program in the business. We have hardware warranty programs that can get you replacement equipment in as little as four hours.

Maintenance does not have to be expensive. With the NCR Return-To-Service maintenance model it doesn’t have to be. While most point of sale companies are busy billing you for every little thing they do. With our support contracts and NCR Hardware Replacement we can keep you up and running for one low fee.


NCR Point Of Sale Terminals


  • P1230 and P1530 Point of Sale Terminal






      • Windows 7 POS Ready
      • Fully customizable, will fit in any type of operation, best for small tight environments
      • Best return-to-service maintenance plan in the industry.
      • Tons of power in a small package.
  • P1515 Point of Sale terminal

      • 15 inch touch screen
      • All in one terminal no need to purchase Stands or Mounts
      • Great as a cash station or a stand alone terminal
  • Aloha Mobile on iPad


      • Aloha terminal functionality on an iPad device
      • Fully mobile allowing staff to take orders at guest’s table
      • Great for sites with patios and conference rooms



Radiant Systems Thermal And Impact Printers

  • Radiant Printers

      • Best Return-to-service maintenance plan in the industry
      • Durable built business use
      • We carry both Samsung and Epson models


NCR Hardware For All Of Your Business Needs.

  • Radiant Kitchen Production Systems

      • Kitchen video helps to speed up food prep times
      • You never have to buy supplies, (Paper, ribbons, ect.)
      • Increase efficiency and reduce kitchen mistakes
  • 2x20, C700, and C730 Customer Facing Displays

      • Increase security with customer confirmation
      • Target your  marketing to your customers with marketing messages (C700 and C1200 only)
      • Have your customer swipe their own card (c1200 only)
  • Cash Drawers and Integration Trays

      • Durable, simple, and easy to use
      • Point of sale or printer driven
      • Use Integration Trays to give a clean finished look