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Aloha Trolley Wing Co!

IMG_2014Sending a big “Aloha” out to Trolley Wing Co (TWC) to welcome them to the Utah Aloha POS family.  “The Wing” is now in Sugarhouse after a dozen years in Trolley Square, originally being housed in one of the antique trolleys that used to travel the streets ...

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Aloha to The Ruin in Sugarhouse


Sugarhouse is fast becoming one of the key centers for nightlife in Salt Lake and we are excited to welcome The Ruin to the Aloha family.  The Ruin is a cocktail lounge on Wilmington Ave in the hear of Sugarhouse and brings a very cool ...

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NCR University: Everything you wanted to know about Aloha but were afraid to ask!

NCR_University_LME_SelfRegPageAloha is an incredibly flexible and powerful POS system and there are constant additions and upgrades taking place that enhance it’s functionality for your restaurant.  These changes are difficult to keep up with for even the most advanced user and as a restaurant owner/manager, you want to make sure you and your staff are taking full advantage of your ...

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Aloha Porcupine Pub & Grill University!

Aloha Porcupine Pub & Grill University!


We are excited that the new Porcupine Pub & Grill is now open in Salt Lake City.  This is a welcome addition to the dining scene in Salt Lake and is the completion of a project that has taken 1 and 1/2 years.

The Porcupine Pub is ...

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Aloha and EMV Webinar This Week

EMV seminar



We are certain that you have heard about the upcoming changes with “chip” enabled credit cards and “EMV” requirements. EMV is a hot topic among restaurant operators today and for good reason. There is a lot of confusion and anxiety when it comes to understanding what exactly EMV is, what ...

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Changes at POS Tech—Welcome Darlene Zehner!


Over the past month, we made some changes in our organization and are excited to announce the addition of Darlene Zehner as our Manager of Technical Operations. Darlene brings over 15 years of experience with Aloha and has very detailed knowledge of all things “Aloha”. She has worked in ...

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Aloha and the new EMV/Chip & PIN Card Requirements

NCR Connected PaymentsWe have all heard nightmare stories about hacks of some of the biggest retailers and restaurants in the business and we all need to make sure that we are doing everything that we can to secure our networks and customer information. A “commercial grade” firewall is a big part of securing ...

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Free Trial of Pulse Real-Time—-Instant, Actionable Data on your Phone


Aloha PulseDo you want the ability to make decisions in real-time that impact your bottom line? That’s exactly what Pulse Real-Time delivers.

Pulse Real-Time is an iPhone & Android app that gives you total visibility into:

-Sales data

-Employee performance



And more!

What could this mean for your operation? An instant view into sales and employee performance and the ability to cut costs ...

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Manage your Restaurant using your iPhone with Aloha Pulse

pulse whiteNo matter how much time you spend in your restaurant, there is always a time when you are out doing that thing called “living life”.  Now Aloha has a way for you to see exactly what is happening at your site from the gas station down the street—-or from ...

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$500 Credit with NCR Merchant Solutions


Is your operation in need of equipment or do you have a support contract coming up for renewal?  Then a $500 credit is waiting for you!  NCR Merchant Solutions provides a solid and low-cost way to process your credit cards and for a limited time, a $500 credit off any ...

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