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Data Security Alert – Backoff, Point of Sale Crimeware

Beware of Backoff POS Crimeware. On July 31, 2014 the United States Department of Homeland Security, published an advisory about new crimeware targeting businesses that accept, process, or transmit credit card data.  This new crimeware, called Backoff, is a tool used by criminal hackers to take advantage of insecure remote access software, deficient networks, and weak user credentials, with the intent to gain access to key environments such as Point of Sale (POS) systems, where the criminal hackers can ...Continue Reading →

5 Things You Should Know When it Comes to Data Security

iStock_000010533018XSmall“Security breach” is the last phrase any hospitality business owner wants to hear, yet breaches continue to make headlines.  Where owners are taking steps to keep their customers’ data secure, chances are they are not fully covering themselves and are unknowingly exposing themselves to risks and cyber criminals if they are not working with a security professional.

Staying secure requires a broad and constant review of your business.  ...Continue Reading →

Working Hard On A Friday

Working Hard On A Friday

Look at our team working hard on a Friday.


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