NCR Payments Equinox credit card reader device.
Woman about to perform credit card transaction.
Inserting credit card chip for EMV transaction.

EMV Payments

Person using watch for mobile wallet payment.

Mobile Wallet

Customer using NFC mobile wallet payment on phone.

NCR Payments is part of our affordable Aloha Essentials plan

Get Payments + Essentials

NCR Payments is part of our one stop shop for all your point-of-sale needs. Get low, competitive rates with modern payment methods. Grow your bottom line and save big with our credit card processing options. Receive a free rate analysis.

NFC credit card payment transaction with device,
Front screen of NCR Mobile Pay for restaurant customer.

Get contactless payments with NCR Mobile Pay

NCR Mobile Pay is an amazing way to speed up service and improve guest experience. Mobile Pay lets customers scan a QR code, pay, and be on their way right on their mobile device. Check out NCR Mobile Pay below.

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